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time share [Aug. 3rd, 2006|02:17 pm]
[Current Location |modular sedona]

So I'm outside Sedona, Arizona in a time share resort of sorts. We flew out ot Phoenix to paint a friend's house and are taking a mini trip up the grand canyon before starting work. We stopped to get tourist info about Flagstaff and the canyon yesterday and got talked into staying at this resort for a free night and in return we have to listen to a 90 minute buy into time shares speech. I think my best description of our salesman is a cnn reporter who has gone over the edge. Some of the highlights were when he asked us to tell him where we would go on a dream vacation. When we said China and India he told us we couldn't pick those countries because they didn't have any resorts there. He also asked us three times where we lived and where we stayed last night. He also told us repeatedly that he had worked at another resort in Australia and that they owed him money. It was all very bizarre. I think that's all I have for now.